In this unit of work you will be studying the film "SHREK" as part of the hero's journey. You will explore the concept of what is a hero and how heroes follow a path on their journey. On this path they learn about themselves, grow an mature emotionally as a character. You will follow Shrek's journey from his swamp to his rescuing of Princess Fiona and his ordeal with Lord Farquaad and his troops. You will also look at the fairytale genre and how this applies to Shrek.

As part of a film study you will learn how film techniques like: camera angles, lighting, setting, music etc. help construct meanig for the viewer by the film director. You will learn why the director uses certain film techniques.

Once you are familiar with Shrek the hero's journey you will use it to write extended paragraphs using film techniques to demonstrate your understanding how film devices are used to create meaning.

Follow the higher order thinking strategies in the menu to complete the learnign activities.